Factor x^3+9x^2-108

Factor using the rational roots test.
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If a polynomial function has integer coefficients, then every rational zero will have the form where is a factor of the constant and is a factor of the leading coefficient.
Find every combination of . These are the possible roots of the polynomial function.
Substitute and simplify the expression. In this case, the expression is equal to so is a root of the polynomial.
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Substitute into the polynomial.
Raise to the power of .
Raise to the power of .
Multiply by .
Add and .
Subtract from .
Since is a known root, divide the polynomial by to find the quotient polynomial. This polynomial can then be used to find the remaining roots.
Divide by .
Write as a set of factors.
Factor using the perfect square rule.
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Rewrite as .
Check that the middle term is two times the product of the numbers being squared in the first term and third term.
Rewrite the polynomial.
Factor using the perfect square trinomial rule , where and .
Factor x^3+9x^2-108

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