Find the Asymptotes y=1/2 log of -x+1

Find where the expression is undefined.
Since as from the left and as from the right, then is a vertical asymptote.
Ignoring the logarithm, consider the rational function where is the degree of the numerator and is the degree of the denominator.
1. If , then the x-axis, , is the horizontal asymptote.
2. If , then the horizontal asymptote is the line .
3. If , then there is no horizontal asymptote (there is an oblique asymptote).
There are no horizontal asymptotes because is .
No Horizontal Asymptotes
No oblique asymptotes are present for logarithmic and trigonometric functions.
No Oblique Asymptotes
This is the set of all asymptotes.
Vertical Asymptotes:
No Horizontal Asymptotes
Find the Asymptotes y=1/2 log of -x+1

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