Find the Eccentricity 25x^2-36y^2=900

Divide each term by to make the right side equal to one.
Simplify each term in the equation in order to set the right side equal to . The standard form of an ellipse or hyperbola requires the right side of the equation be .
This is the standard form of a hyperbola. Use this form to determine the eccentricity.
Match the values in this hyperbola to those of the standard form. The variable represents the x-offset from the origin, represents the y-offset from origin, .
Find the eccentricity by using the following formula.
Substitute the values of and into the formula.
Simplify the numerator.
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Raise to the power of .
Raise to the power of .
Add and .
The result can be shown in multiple forms.
Exact Form:
Decimal Form:
Find the Eccentricity 25x^2-36y^2=900

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